Self Storage Facility Coming to Port Orange

A parcel of land located at 5811 Williamson Boulevard (at the corner of Taylor Road) was recently sold.  The Seller was Midwest Transit, Inc. of Mt. Carmel, Illinois and the Purchaser was Preferred Storage Port Orange, LLC of North Miami, Florida.  The parcel is approximately 7.5 acres and is centrally located.  The closing sales price was $1,200,000.  The seller was represented by Steven Katz and Charles Lichtigman of Charles Wayne Properties, Inc, in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Ed Speno of Edwards James Corporation represented the Buyer.


“This is one of the last remaining properties at one of Port Orange’s busiest intersections” said Steven Katz of Charles Wayne.  “Following the nation’s current trend to smaller homes and apartments, people have become accustomed to storing their goods, which is a perfect fit for the new buyers who plan to build a self-storage facility on the site.”


Charles Wayne Properties, Inc. is one of Central Florida’s largest commercial brokerage, management and development firms with approximately 1,800,000 sq. ft. of property, which it owns, manages and/or leases.